Breakfast at Tiffany's Character Lists

Holly Golightly:


Holly Golightly is a young twenty year old woman who grew up in Tulip, Texas. She was once married
to a animal doctor who goes by Doc. She lived in Tulip with Doc and her brother for some time before she
ran off. She left her brother Fred behind, who eventually ended up in the army. Next she came to New York
and learned how to be a glamourous escort girl who is paid fifty dollars for the "powder Room". She lives
below Fred in her own apartment with a nameless cat.

The Narrator (Fred)

The Narrator, who in the novella is never given a real name, is named Fred by Miss Holly Golightly because he
looks like her brother. It is not known where the narrator originally came from, but when
the reader is first introduced to him he is just moving in above Holly Golightly. He is immediately interested in Miss Golightly from the first
moment that he saw her sign outside the brownstone building, "Miss Holly Golightly, Traveling". His occupation is as a novelist, though
hasn't written anything recently. While he is with Holly, he writes a short story which is later featured in a magazine.
He also has a side job, which he is fired from at around christmas.

Mr. I. Y. Yunioshi

Mr. I. Y. Yunioshi, who was originally from California, is a photographer for a magazine in New York. He lives in the
studio apartment on the top floor of the Brownstone, which both the narrator and Holly Golightly live in. He is important in
the beginning of the novella because, when he was traveling in Africa, he found a a carving of Holly Golightly, who no one had seen or heard of for years. When this
information gets back to the narrator, this starts his telling of the story. In the story itself Miss Golightly is constantly locking
herself out and needs to call to him to let her in, which he is infuriated by.

Jose Ybarra-Jaegar

Jose Ybarra-Jager is a wealthy politician from a very well to do, powerful, and traditional family in Brazil. He comes to
America to work in Washington D.C. He first is introduced at the party when he arrives with Mag Wildwood and Rusty Trawler.
He is at the time dating Mag Wildwood and follows around their group with Mag. After an accident that happened while Holly,
Mag, Jose, and Rusty where in Florida, Holly and Jose ran off together leaving behind Rusty and Mag. Jose and Holly become involved,
and planned to move to Brazil together, where Jose is running for President. Right before they leave though Holly is arrested and Jose takes
off to Brazil by himself leaving behind a note that it would be bad publicity for him to be married to her. Jose is constantly concerned about
his image. When Holly goes crazy after learning that Fred died in the war, she starts throwing things around, but he is only concerned about
how this would look for him if anyone found out.

O.J. Berman

from left: Narrator, O.J., Holly
Mr. O.J. Berman met Fred for the first time at the party held in Holly's apartment in New York. He talks to the narrator and tells him
how he was the one who found Holly and turned her into what she is today. He made her into an actress and a model. He also shares that
Holly once could have been a huge star in Hollywood when she was given a major role, but for some reason left unexpectedly for New
York with out telling anyone. At the end of the Novella, when Holly is arrested, Fred calls O.J. Berman to help get Holly out of jail. Berman
does help her as a way of making up a debt to Holly.

Rusty Trawler

Trawler in the middle with blond hair
Rusty trawler first comes in with Mag Wildwood and Jose Ybarra-Jaegar to Holly's party. He is a very wealthy man who
has been divorced numerous times and has caught Holly's eye. But before she can grab him up Mag Wildwood comes
in and marries him. In the end of the novella, when Holly is arrested, Fred calls Rusty and Mag looking for help but they
refuse to help her, claiming that they are no longer friends.

Madame Spanella

pic_bertish.jpgMadame Spanella is a old woman who lives down stairs by her self below Holly Golightly. She is constantly yelling at
Miss Golightly and disaproving of all the men whom Holly brings back to her apartment. She has called the police to report
Holly numerous times and Fred thought at first that it was her to be blamed for Holly being arrested.

Mag Wildwood

Mag Wildwood is first introduced to the reader at Miss Golightly's first party, Mag came in with Rusty Trawler and Jose Ybarra-Jaegar.
Mag is very southern and has a stutter. At the party she gets into a fight with other party members after Holly started a rumor about her.
Holly doesn't like her much and is very mad about the fact that Fred didn't call for a cab for Mag, but instead let her sleep in her apartment.
After this she moves in with Holly and stays there until she marries Rusty Trawler and then moves away.

Sally Tomato

Sally Tomato is a Mob leader who deals in narcotics. During most of the novella, he is in Sing SIng jail and Miss Golightly
visits him every Thursday and pretends to be his niece. While she is there, they talk superficially, but the primary importance of the meeting is that she
gives him the weather report from the lawyer Mr O'Shaughnessy. Within the weather report are codes for what is going on outside in the world of narcotics
trafficking. Miss Golightly doesn't know about the codes. She does this regularly for a long time and gets paid well for it. Untill Mr.
Tomato is caught and she is arrested as an accomplice, which ruins her relationship with Jose and forces her to leave the country.

Doc Golightly

Doc Golightly is Holly Golightly's former husband, though it's unknown if the ceremony was legal since Holly was only
fourteen when they married. Doc is a animal doctor from Tulip Texas. He has several children from a previous marriage and
met Holly, who was then known as Lulumae, and her brother Fred when they were sneaking around his farm trying to steal food.
Doc took both of them in and took care of them, but soon after Holly ran away claiming that Doc can't hold onto a wild thing.
Doc comes to New York to try and talk Holly into coming back with him, but before meeting her he asked Fred to befriend him. Doc tells
Fred everything and asks Fred to take him to Holly. Fred does, but Holly refuses to go back home with him. Doc later threatens that if she doesn't
come back he won't take care of Fred when he comes home, so Holly says that she will take Fred in with her. The last time that Doc is
heard from is when he sends a telegram to Holly from Tulip saying that he just got news from the army that Fred was killed.